Taylor De Zilva

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Hello! I just love studying botany in the northern hemisphere, though I do not hestitate to dwelve into ornithology, entomolgy, and mycology.
Botany is not one of the most common rabbit holes that people fall down, yet my life went in that direction, and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.
When I was younger, I was in love with poisonous animals and dinosaurs. I remember being so curious and enthralled by biology in general because it was such a mysterious subject to me, as I had trouble gaining access to resources with a Christian family and school. Yet, I was fairly determined to still find the answers to so many of the questions I had when I was younger about the life all around me, and that is when I started growing plants. I learned how plants are these miraculous organisms that do so many things that nobody could have imagined at first, and yet they are still belittled by many!

For me, botany really shakes the human perspective of things, which is fairly good, noting how we humans have such an ego issue. I just really hope I can meaningfully contribute to this beautiful web of information to inspire more and more people who will be proactive :)

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