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Hello all,
I am on a mission to film as many species of marine (for now) life as possible. A marine biologist by training (JCU 1996) and professional diver and underwater cameraman since then. I have been filming (mostly underwater) for Undersea Productions since 2005 or so and collecting underwater footage since a few years before that. I have filmed and cataloged a few thousand species but my specialty is fishes and sharks. My goal in life is to film every species listed in Allen and Erdmann's Marine fishes of the East Indies and I am well over half way. I gave a TEDx talk on the subject which is on YouTube called “Every Species Matters” (which probably not surprisingly is my motto.)
The group of shots I am submitting now are still grabs (mostly crap quality) from a 4K video biodiversity assessment of Tin Can Inlet I am currently conducting sponsored by Cooloola Coastcare and funded by Gympie Regional Council. Please excuse the poor quality of many of the images, particularly of the sponges which I almost never stopped to shoot still and close-up.
The fish are mostly unidentified due to poor visibility/shooting rather than being something special. For those used to diving in silty shitty places, you may still be able to ID them. I have a few hundred good shots of species I think I did ID correctly that I would like to post depending on how this bit goes. Thanks in advance for any family, genus or species identifications you might offer. I will be presenting the results of this project (called CUBA3 - Cooloola Underwater Biodiversity Assessment part 3) at the end of the month to the community.
Best fishes,

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