Juan Cepeda Espinosa

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I am a 19 years old Colombian nature enthusiast and current biology student.
My life-long fascination for animals started with dinosaurs, then spiders and more recently insects. They are also what I enjoy observing the most along with reptiles, spiders, and amphibians.

I have little formal training, but I have learned a lot in the last few years, and thanks to iNaturalist, BugGuide and other sites/literature, I am able to recognize all sorts of insects. My favorite groups are Sphecidae sensu lato (Digger wasps), Pompilidae, and Ichneumonidae, although I often dabble in other Hymenopterans, as well as some Dipterans (Asilidae, Tachinidae, Syrphidae).

Upcoming projects:
-Visual key for photo/field ID of Megarhyssa spp. of the U.S and Canada - with @zdanko, now published in the Flyguide website
-Visual key for photo/field ID of Psorthaspis spp. of the U.S (right now it is just an idea, suggestions of other genera that need help with ID are welcome).

I also created a project to group Parasitic wasps, you can check it out by clicking here.

In the future I would like to have solitary wasps as my field of expertise, especially Crabronidae, Pompilidae, Ichneumonidae, and Sphecidae.

If you would like to show your gratitude, or support what I do, please consider donating.

Wasps are a fascinating group, and by learning more about them I hope to be able to remove the stigma that has become so commonplace in our society. Next time you see a wasp, say to yourself: "This is a pollinator, a biological control, an architect... not a killing machine that is out to get me." (Even if it is a Vespid!).

I also pretend to be a photographer- check out my Instagram and Flickr.

Join me and hundreds of naturalists at our unofficial iNaturalist Discord.

Gear: Canon Powershot XS70 HS / ZTE Z891 + Macro lens.

Currently based in Madrid, Spain.

If you would like to use my images, or if you have any feedback, questions, etc., feel free to message me.

Last updated: September 23, 2021

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