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B.A. in Biology. Worked in pharmacology, now retired. Lifelong addiction to identifying life-forms. Love taxonomy. Obsessed birder since 1999. Previous preoccupations with turtles, cacti, flora. Began studying bugs in 2012, when I discovered what they look like with a digital camera, and that I could contribute to public understanding of their distributions through websites such as BugGuide and iNaturalist.

I live in Buckingham Twp, Bucks Co, PA., and most of my recent observations are from local sites. I photograph and identify to the best of my ability any plants and animals I encounter. To give back to the community, as well as to increase my own expertise, I try to identify some groups for others. I am currently making ID's for Nippotipula of North America and Diptera of PA and NJ. I am very happy to answer any questions about ID's I have made.

When I die, I would like to have all my images and other content remain on iNaturalist. I have always been amazed at the incredible diversity that God has created, and I hope that my feeble efforts to highlight some of that diversity will help others to appreciate the magnificence of God.

iNaturalist search url's:

iNaturalist ID searches:
--ID all unconfirmed organisms submitted by me:

ID guides created by other other contributors:
--Galls on Solidago: (by Daniel McClosky).
--Diptera of the U.S. and Canada:
(by Even & Zachary Dankowicz).
--Yamatotipula with marked wings in the US and Canada: (by Arturo Sanchez).

ID keys and tools online:

--Flora of Michigan: (University of Michigan Herbarium).
--Insect wing venation:
--Crane Flies of Pennsylvania: (Young)
--Catalogue of the Crane Flies of the World: (Oosterbroek).
--Tabanidae of Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains 2: a photographic key to the genera and species of Tabaninae (Diptera: Tabanidae): (Thomas).
--Robber Flies of Florida and the Southeast: (Collins).
--Aphids on the World's Plants: (Blackman & Eastop)
--Lygus lineolatus vs. L. vanduzeei:
--Hoppers of North Carolina: (Kittelberger).
--Reduviidae of Alabama: (Clem, Swanson & Ray).
--Phymata of North America: (Masonick & Weirauch).
--Yellowjackets and hornets of North America: (Thomas).
--Larvae of North American Lepidoptera: (Balaban & Balaban).

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