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Hello I live in the southwestern part of Ohio in a corn field, but I grew up in USVI. And I really, really love cicadas. They're my favourite, and pretty much all I spend my time looking for! Butterflies and moths are a close second on my list of loves, so I also take photos of those!

In general, I like invertebrates. I have a collection of dead insects which I've found, some of which I've cast in resin. I spend most of my summer hiking, walking, and getting eaten alive by mosquitos. When not doing those things I enjoy video games, reading research papers, drawing, writing, and competing in dog sports. My dog is Indiana Jones and she is always with me, so you may occasionally see her photobombing my observations.

Feel free to message me, I love to chat about my interests! Especially cicadas. :)

Check out my youtube for invert videos!

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I also speak French.
🏳️‍🌈⚧️♾️♿️ and proud.

"I'm not a social butterfly I'm a sarcastic moth."
"Un ver vert va vers un verre vair."

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