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I finished my Master's in Biology at Tarleton State University in the summer of 2021 and am currently working on my PhD at Boulder Colorado. My thesis was a paleolimnological assessment of Possum Kingdom Lake using diatoms to reconstruct historical conditions ( I attended the Ecology and Systemics of Diatoms course at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory in 2019. I am certified by the Society of Freshwater Science as a level 2 diatom taxonomist ( I am also working on a voucher flora for a small east Texas pond. All diatom slides in my collection are mounted in Naphrax with the exception of my slides from ESD 2019, which were made with one of the last bottles of Z-rax known to man.

For anyone interested in taking research grade images of diatoms, I recommend checking out these two resources-

I authored these pages on

I will be uploading more informative videos soon but check out this fun video of a wet mount of diatoms including Caloneis, Bacillaria, and countless small naviculoids.

The naviculoids would have formerly been treated as Navicula, however it is impossible to resolve the features that would distinguish them as Navicula sensu stricto.

I love to go fishing, camping, and canoeing. In the summer of 2017 I went on an 82 day canoe trip following the Canadian border on the largest portion of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. All of my photos from Minnesota were taken during this trip.

Please do not be afraid to make ID's or comments on my photos! Follow me and I will return the favor. I would like to see the phycological community become more active on here.

Love the little things and have a nice day!

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