Liam Thorne

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Hey there, I'm a young birder, bander, and naturalist from Hamilton Ontario (Canada). Aspiring ornithologist/environmental consultant. Mostly focused on birds, herps, odes, and leps, but I'm into most things nature! Avid patch and home county birder/naturalist but that doesn't mean I won't chase ;) . I enjoy atlassing for the 3rd Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas. Heavily involved in banding operations around the Hamilton area. I'm looking forwards to travelling out of province more after the pandemic is over. Please feel free to send questions or comments regarding IDs or really anything nature-related! I'm happy to chat. And feel free to @ me, I don't mind. pfp is me with a female spruce grouse (canichites (formerly falcipennis) canadensis) and young. Stay safe and I hope to see you out there!

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