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Feel free to use any of my photos, as long as you give credit and let me know which ones you are using.

Some of my notable observations:

About Me:

16 y/o
Biodiversity documentation is my biggest passion, and my main goal is to document as many of the species that we share earth with as possible, but for now I'm focusing on improving the knowledge we have of Bermuda's biodiversity.

I am an all-round naturalist however the species I am most passionate about are Birds (my favorites of which are tubenoses), land-based and marine Molluscs, as well as Cetaceans, Insects, Fish, Crustaceans and most other things living in the ocean. I am also very interested in island ecology, and have been trying to document as many endemic / native species in Bermuda as I can.

If you plan to visit Bermuda, shoot me a message and I can tell you the best spots on the island to find any of your desired species.

I mostly shoot Nikon D3500, Olympus TG 6, and iPhone X

My ID strong suits are mainly Bermudian wildlife (marine and terrestrial, introduced or native) and North American Birds and Western Atlantic Fish and Molluscs.

Countries I have observations in:

  • Bermuda
  • UK
  • USA
  • Italy
  • Bahamas
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama


In the unfortunate event of my death, I wish for all of my observations, ID's (unless proven to be incorrect) and any other contributions to remain on the website.
I also wish for my specimen collection to be donated to the Bermuda Zoological Society NHM.

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