Mike O'Neill

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I'm the Giant Ocean Tank Supervisor at the New England Aquarium and finishing a Master’s in Marine Science and Technology through the School for the Environment at UMass Boston. In 2016 I launched the Gulf Stream Orphan Project (www.GSOproject.org), to track the species distribution and abundance of tropical and subtropical fishes that are swept north along the east coast of the United States and Canada by the Gulf Stream. The hope for this project is to produce a robust dataset by leveraging the reporting power of citizen scientists and members of coastal communities that can contribute to our understanding of the biogeography of fish assemblages in the Northwest Atlantic, track the influence of perturbations in Gulf Stream activity, and reveal potential impacts on coastal ecology due to climate change.

My thesis focuses on the relationship between native species richness in Pleasant Bay, MA and the incidence of Gulf Stream Orphans as a possible indicator of critically biodiverse habitat for the prioritization of conservation efforts.

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