Nathaniel N. Levia Curador

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About Me
I recently received my BS in entomology from the University of Delaware. I am interested in the systematics of Curculionidae, and Fulgoromorpha (Planthoppers). I am an avid insect collector and I prefer to collect taxa of interest and photograph them later to post here on iNaturalist. Images of museum speciemens taken by me can be found on the account @udel-hoppers.

I work with Dr. Charles R Bartlett (@delphax), on the genera Pseudoflatoides Metcalf and Atracodes Melichar (Hemiptera: Flatidae). I am also currently working as a lab tech on Blacklegged Ticks (Ixodes scapularis) and mosquitoes. Previously I have curated the Carabidae, Tenebrionidae, and Curculionidae in the University of Delaware Insect Research Collection (UDCC).

Current Projects

  • Taxonomic work on Flatoidini in the Caribbean region
  • New state records of Carabidae in Delaware

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