Chris Collier

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Hello fellow naturalists! Birds, flowers, and mammals are my favorites, but I do enjoy photographing fungi and herps.

I'm a student in the Wildlife Biology department at Humboldt State University. Last summer I worked as an intern for Redwood State and National Parks performing wildlife surveys for Humboldt martens, Western Snowy Plovers, and Northern Spotted Owls. Previously I worked as a park aide for Sonoma County Regional Parks and as an intern with the Natural Resources department where I helped run a wildlife camera project. I have an A.S. in Natural Science and received my UC California Naturalist certification in 2018.

I also serve as HSU's Student Representative to North Coast Chapter of The Wildlife Society. -

My main rig is a Canon EOS Rebel T6, but I also use my iPhone for some observations. Currently saving up for a macro lens...

I post my best shots here -

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