Neil O. Frakes

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I work as the vegetation monitoring coordinator for the BLM, Ely District. I am a Geographer by training, and it is the distributions of plant species, and communities, that pique my interest. Range edges are fascinating, fun to capture here, and important to document to understand shifts due to climate change. I like to document the location of indicator species to better understand desert transition zones, namely the Mojave/Sonoran and the Mojave/Great Basin. I'm also curious to understand patterns of invasive plant spread, and I appreciate the capacity of iNaturalist to assist with Early Detection, Rapid Response efforts. Check out the Joshua Tree NP Invasive Plant Patrol project for example.

I'm fascinated by the distribution of montane conifer species in the Great Basin. And I'm very interested in the ecology of Joshua trees.

M.A. in Geography from Colorado-Boulder (2005)
B.A. in Geography and Environmental Studies from Macalester College (2002).

I have worked as a Vegetation Specialist throughout much of Nevada, Northern California, and at Joshua Tree National Park.

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