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I am your nightmare rank amateur with an iPhone, in it for pretty colors, funny common names, and more excuses to stop on mountain bike rides where I’m getting dropped anyway. My scientific education extends about a hundred yards past my fourth-grade classroom, where once or twice a semester a retiree volunteer might drop by and let us play with dry ice. Basic physics and math elude me. I am unable to look at a bird or flower without imagining how it might look as a ballgown on Project Runway, or to begin the process of identifying anything without first thinking of Henry Reed’s “The Naming of Parts.” I am utterly delighted by all fauna until it’s in my shoe or my tent. My pockets are full of rocks that I swear looked cool when they were wet. When I hyperventilate in front of a wildflower, which is often, even I don't know whether I'm overwhelmed by the aesthetics, allergies, or the imminence of climate apocalypse. I am a little bit interested in everything. I am trying my best to get it while it’s good.

🌿 I work with the nonprofit publication Bay Nature——and may contact you about sharing photography. 📷

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