Peter Joseph

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Alamo Area Master Naturalist – VP 2021 and Native Plant Society of Texas of San Antonio Chapter Secretary. A San Antonio River Authority - River Warrior on the San Antonio River, doing nature docent walks along the river. and more Enjoy discovering nature and learning about flora and fauna- life cycles and how all is interwind on our mothership called Earth.

Guadalupe County Master Gardener -with a focus as a Earth Kind Specialist. Member of the Audubon Society. State of Texas Alliance of Recycling Master Compost, use all 1st level decomposers to break down organic waste of kitchen scraps and yard waste. Retired Industrial Engineer/IT guy, who is now just grounding back to Mother Earth. Live in Wilson County and steward of Prospect Forest. Novice - photographer but push to get better as I go. Sorry about any bad shots.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

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