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I co-direct Community Science at the California Academy of Sciences. Together with volunteers, we are working to understand and document California biodiversity. I also study nudibranchs and intertidal invertebrates. Although most of my research has focused on the taxonomy and systematics of beautiful, really brightly colored, tropical chromodorid nudibranchs, I have a soft spot for California intertidal nudibranchs and all intertidal invertebrates. I am a taxonomist, systematist, and invertebrate zoologist. I now work to connect people to nature in cities, urban areas, local parks, and along the California coast and coordinate the efforts of naturalists to answer specific questions and lead to conservation and policy change. I co-founded the City Nature Challenge with the co-leads, Alison Young (kestrel) and Lila Higgins (colilaoptera). Thanks to everyone who works to make City Nature Challenge so amazing! I also co-founded and co-organize Snapshot Cal Coast. Learn more about our work here:

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