René Campbell

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G'Day! I am Dr. René Campbell - a marine ecologist (PhD, BSc Marine Biology (Hons)) based in Adelaide, South Australia. My PhD assessed the population biology of invasive European shore crabs (Carcinus maenas) here in southern Australia. I have a keen interest and knowledge in marine ecology, community ecology, intertidal ecosystems, invasive species, conservation & management, molecular ecology, and population biology.

I specialise in Australian and invasive Brachyura (true crabs), but I also have interest and knowledge of many southern Australian crustacea and generalised knowledge of temperate marine invertebrates. I also enjoy identifying fish, marine life, invertebrates.

If you spot any suspected invasive marine crabs in Australia and elsewhere, feel free to tag me and I can have a look.

Outside of my scientific research, I am a professional visual artist and scientific illustrator. You can see my work at

Other interests include hobby photography, diving (PADI Adventure diver) and snorkelling, reading, Pokémon and sharing my love for all things nature, art, and science. I plan to use iNaturalist to record my observations and help share data with other scientists, keen observers and nature-loving folk, and to broaden my identification skills. I am happy to be corrected on my ID and always willing to have discussions on taxonomy!

I visit iNaturalist about once a week and try to address all comments/identifications I am tagged in. I infrequently post observations every few weeks or so.

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