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While interested in all components of the natural world, we have three primary interest areas:
Plants (particularly wildflowers), Birds, & Fossils. For birds, a small neighborhood section of southern Calvert County, Maryland will be a focus for recorded observations broken down into 4 seasonal periods (Winter-Jan/Feb/Dec; Spring-Mar/Apr/May; Summer-Jun/Jul/Aug; Fall-Sep/Oct/Nov). The area extends from Drum Point in the south and northward to Seahorse Beach. While the area is primarily residential, there are three brackish lakes, some small wooded sections, and is bordered on the east by the Chesapeake Bay. Over a three year period (2017-2019), 101 different species of birds were observed within this relatively small, but diverse neighborhood. While fossils are not within the intent and domain of iNaturalist, many of the natural artifacts found on the beaches of Calvert and surrounding counties are actually fossil remnants that date back millions of years. An attempt will be made to provide at least some information here in the hope of enabling others to differentiate between recent and fossil specimens. The first entry to this journal discusses one of the most abundant fossil shells found on the beaches of Calvert County - Chesapecten (scallop) shells.

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