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I enjoy learning and teaching and I am more interested in figuring things out rather than being right.

A note about most insects I observe and subsequently identify: I often use iNat. AI to guess to family or genus and I know almost nothing about taxonomy. Mostly my guesses are thus just a shot in the dark; if you know better, and see my multitude of mistakes, just blast through and ID whatever you wish and send me a note telling me to be sure to eliminate my guesses. I happily eliminate my poor guesses and always appreciate your efforts to help.

Me gusta documentar la biodiversidad pero no sé mucho al nivel de especie. Mis identificaciones solo son para intentar ayudar y me equivoco muchas veces. Si creen que estoy equivocado no duden en decirme no hay problema asi aprendo :)

My maverick IDs:

links and website useful for ID:

butterflies of the americas:

butterflies in the Amazon:

butterflies of cotacachi:

best for line drawings of all orchids: great for pics, plus often synonymy and more

florula of nearby maquipucuna:

orchids of maquipucuna:

vascular flora of ecuador, outdated but nice to see thousands of herbarium specimens' locality data:

2-face book groups: REIVINDICANDO A LAS ARAÑAS (Vindicating SPIDERS)--one of my favorite groups; admins strictly control postings and fear and idiocy; Faceplant, mostly in Spanish, superb for botany; planet pleurothallid; epidendrum; American Orchid Society;

great website for ctenids:

youtube videos of Mindo project during pandemia:

A lot of, as yet, undescribed orchids. Here are some pleurothallids: maybe same as :

To be on the lookout if exploring far from home: Epidendrum nearer to home

A world record in birding:

1) an interview of me talking about the Big Day:
2) an interview with a Viking about the Big Day:
3) an interview with a Dutchman about the Big Day:
4) scouting and dunking a basketball for the biggest day in birding history:
5) dawn chorus of the Big Day, 08 oct 2015:
6) random clips from scouting for the Big Day:

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