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I am a 15-year-old birder and aspiring naturalist who likes to document what he sees through photographs and audio. Currently based in Pennsylvania, USA (was in India previously). I am mainly interested in birds, but love nature as a whole. I can do a fair amount of identification (of course, birds are my strength ;)).

Please do tell me if I'm wrong. I'm just learning, not an expert. :)

You can @mention me for IDs. I'll help you as much as I can (including tagging people who might know the ID for something I don't). I'm still improving my sound identification skills.
Sometimes, I might miss a few tags. If I do, please do message me. :)

@wildphotographer27 is my best friend and an exploration buddy; so you will find a good number of common observations of ours. @tropicalnora is also a good friend of mine. :)
I've made quite a few friends through iNat. I thank iNat for that. :D

I created the Biodiversity of South India project on iNaturalist to make it easy for people (especially researchers) to collect data from the region. Please do consider joining. :)

You can view my eBird India profile here and eBird profile here.

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Though I joined the iNaturalist community in the July of 2020, I have been active only from the June of 2021.

Profile picture: A Little Tiger Blue (Tarucus balkanicus) from Maduravoyal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu | 24.07.2021 | Observation link

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