Charles Porter

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I'm a teenage environmentalist based in WA interested in everything to do with the natural environment.

My main interests are Orthopteroid insects, Buprestids, Odonatans, Papilionids, Orchids, Myrtaceae, Birds, Mammals and Reptiles. I've been interested in nature for ages, although I mostly started intensively trying to understand the environment when I was 9 or so, being largely a birdo. I later branched out (particularly to entomology) as I obtained more references and a better idea and appreciation of the natural world.

I spend most of my spare time in the bush, mostly bushland reserves such as Talbot Road Nature Reserve, John Forrest National Park and the Mundaring State Forest along with other assorted bits of bush. I occasionally go on trips into the more arid regions of WA to research and collect invertebrates, especially Buprestidae (plus some twitching along the way).

I have a YouTube channel where I post videos of interesting things I've found, called Stigmodera. Link:

I currently run a revegetation group, Friends of The Swan View Heritage Trail, and eventually hope to work in conservation, land management and Climate Change mitigation in the wheatbelt and goldfields.

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