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I consider myself a general zoologist (I'm not certified, but still have great interest in the topic), but I have great interest in Mammalogy, Herpetology, Entomology, Ornithology, Carcinology, and Malacology. I study their physical appearances and reproduction. I also enjoy etymology, even if that isn't specifically within biology. I am younger than most others in this subject, being born only in 2010, I still consider myself advanced in the subject (Compared to peers and other non-certified individuals).
I am a native English Speaker, and I'm working on learning Latin, which aids in understanding scientific names and deepens my understanding of zoology and etymology.
I mainly post images of True Bugs, Cats, Deer, Salamanders, Slugs, Snails, Isopods, and Spiders, though I may post really anything that I take a photo of that Is high enough quality for me to post. Usually I'll photograph things that I find interesting, so especially things that I find pretty or stuff I don't see often. I enjoy photographing many fungi and plant species, though my knowledge of the two is highly limited, so I don't post that many plants/fungi at genus or even family level. I'm working on getting a good microscope (and how to use one) so I can get microscopic photos of Bacteria, Tardigrades, and Blood Cells.
I have a specific interest for the following taxa:
I am a male.
I am a Christian who believes in day age creationism, which means I do not believe that the 6 days in genesis were actual 24-hour periods. I believe in evolution even if I am a Christian.
Feel free (I'd actually prefer you do) to @ me on taxa including Pigeons/Doves, Waterfowl, Boxelder Bugs, Bears, Roaring Cats, Cougars, Hoopoes, Penguins, Elephants, Most North American Snakes, Most North American Songbirds, Both Hippo Species, Narwhals, Belugas, Vaquitas, Antarctic Seals, Sea Otters, Tapirs, Sea Lions, and Primates. Additionally, I may be able to help you ID if yo1. u are in a similar location to me (Near Erie or Pittsburgh area). Note that I will not ID scat or track, those requests will be respectfully declined.
Private message me if you have any questions about myself or just whatever, I'm open for answering almost any question, I'll tell you if it's something I am not willing to answer.
Currently I am trying to become #1 observer of genus Boisea. I also want to get 5,000 observations by the end of 2025. Additionally, some day I want to observe every extant species of herp (reptile--excluding birds--or amphibian) in the United States, though I will probably not achieve this for a long time as it'd take a lot of traveling my parents aren't willing to take me, but some day hopefully!
I keep the following species as pets:
Astacoidea sp. (Crayfish)
Rhinichthys obtusus (Western Blacknose Dace)
Cipangopaludina chinensis (Chinese Mystery Snail)
Armadillidium vulgare (*Typically addressed by scientific name)
Porcellio scaber (*Typically addressed by scientific name)
Trachelipus rathkii (*Typically addressed by scientific name)
Felis catus (Domestic Cat)
Canis familiaris familiaris (Domestic Dog)
Forficula auricularia (European Earwig)
Anaxyrus americanus (East American Toad)
Hyla versicolor (Gray Treefrog)
Gromphadorhina portentosa (Madagascar Hissing Cockroach)
Sorry for inconsistencies on my profile picture, I am still trying to look for a good profile picture.

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