Ted MacRae

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Professionally, I am a retired agricultural research entomologist. However, I've had a strong lifelong avocational interest in insect taxonomy, especially beetles. My primary expertise includes taxonomy and host associations of wood-boring beetles (families Buprestidae and Cerambycidae), with more recent interest also in tiger beetle survey and conservation. I've collected insects throughout the United States and made numerous collecting trips to other parts of the world such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and South Africa, my personal insect collection comprising an estimated 100,000 specimens. I have published numerous scientific journal and natural history magazine and newsletter articles and also write extensively about insects at my personal website, "Beetles in the Bush" (http://beetlesinthebush.com). I am currently the Managing Editor of The Pan-Pacific Entomologist, a Review Editor for The Coleopterists Bulletin, and the Layout Editor for CICINDELA.

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