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Robert has extensive experience as a field mycologist (specializing in boletes) seeking, photographing, and identifying mushrooms. He provides detailed photography work for professional mycologists and experts around the country. His photographs have won numerous awards and some appeared in the prominent European science publication Life & Science, as well as the domestic magazine Yankee. His work has been featured in multiple important field guides and reference books, such as Mushrooms of the Northeast, and Boletes of Eastern North America, as well as various camping and survival books. Robert is the Educational Director for his club (CVMS), and is a current member of the Northeast Bolete Consortium. He runs the Connecticut MycoFlora Project. As part of “The 3 Foragers” family, Robert and his wife Karen write a wild foods blog and regularly travel around Connecticut teaching a Beginner's Mushroom and wild edible plants ID course. With some of Robert's input, Karen authored Adventures in Edible Plant Foraging (Skyhorse Publishing, 2015), which features Robert's photography throughout the book.

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