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We are Mat and LIz (associated with I, Mat, was a decades long believer that wild mushroom-ing is far too dangerous to even consider. But something changed and I slowly and cautiously started looking for gateway morels.

In a stroke of good fortune, I found ten on my first ever attempt and the hook was set. That was about a year and a half ago and I'm now utterly obsessed. Liz is too, but just a tiny bit less so.

I would say I literally look for something or other every single day including (since COVID) both of us doing a couple 3 hr forays eery week.

We (Mat and Liz) moved to Louisiana near Baton Rouge in Summer 2019 and have been very pleased to discover that what we had heard is totally wrong - this is a paradise of fungi.

We don't eat much (just morels, chants, oysters and the odd strobilomyce) but we are increasingly interested in identifying everything. Our next project is figuring out boletes which we find particulary challenging!

Between here and Mushroom Observer, we've recently learned the importance of proper photo taking (ie including habitat) and will be working to improve in this area.

We LOVE getting feedback on our amateur IDs and have just started following a few more expert myco folks. Also looking to hook up with the Gulf States Myco Society but COVID and the organizers personal situation have made that a bit challenging for the year. Instead we're filling out our book collection.

Thanks for reading and please follow us if you can help!

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