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You can contact me if you want to use photos or data, which is generally free for non-commercial cases.

Hi, welcome to iNaturalist!
Hope the following links can help you make better use of this site.
Ways to help out on iNat - wiki
How to add common names to taxa tutorial
Remember when you add the common name, don’t forget to add the location. Of course, the common names you add must be official. Don’t add them at will.
How to fix your observations with photos of multiple species Tutorial
Master list of insect authorities (class Insecta), a work in progress
Taxonomic resources for insects - wiki
Using iNat on slow internet connections - wiki
Geotagging Photos-wiki
How to Use iNaturalist's Photo Uploader
How to use iNaturalist’s Search URLs
How Taxon Changes work
Limiting and scheduling large taxonomy ancestry changes
New Limits to Place Creation

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