Bird Dropping Moths

The variety of moths that look like "bird droppings" (and often are named as such) can be confusing to differentiate because they are in various genera, and sometimes different families. I thought a side-by-side comparison would help to distinguish the subtle differences, so I created a link to help me do that.,228632,179340,204088,52094,213740,208064,425058&view=species

Note that this is for the DFW area only. You can change the area to Texas but it will not include species outside of DFW. I'll try to get a new link to cover all of Texas when I can look more at the different species.

I'd appreciate help to identify any I might have missed. Comment below and I'll update the link.

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Bookmarked! :)

@gcwarbler needs to check it out too. :)

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Ahh yes! I meant to tag Chuck because he's helped me with the BD moths. Thanks Sam! I'll also tag @annikaml and @cgritz for input.

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Great! Thanks, @kimberlietx !

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