1,000+ observations!

We have now surpassed 1,000 observations in Meriden! As of this writing, we have observed 428 different species. I'm sure that most people have no idea as to the diversity of life found in our little city. I am still amazed at what I observe just in my own backyard (literally) as well as when I'm out on a trail or visiting a pond.

I hope that more people will join the search for lifeforms in Meriden. I believe that it's important to recognize the diversity of plants, animals, insects, and other lifeforms found in the city. It helps reinforce how important it is to preserve and value open space as well as our own backyards, which definitely can contribute to habitats.

Happy searching!

Publicado por kellyfuerstenberg kellyfuerstenberg, 09 de agosto de 2018


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