Impact of Australasian Fishes - October 2018

Australasian Fishes went online in October 2016. Since then, over 38,000 observations (2033 species) uploaded by members have resulted in over 240 discoveries. For more details contact Mark McGrouther.

October 2018 stats                                                                      
New observations 1409
'New' species added 16
New contributors 32
New Project members 14

A selection of recent discoveries:
Findings from Australasian Fishes:
Subject Number of observations
Range extension / first record 102
Diet / feeding 20
Parasite / fungus 16
New species / newly described     7
Colour pattern 19
Damage / injuries 10
Courtship / reproduction 21
Behavioural information 12
Publicado el octubre 31, 2018 04:48 MAÑANA por markmcg markmcg


THanks for the update, Mark. It might pay to update the "dolphin feeding on freshwater eel" observation to "dolphin tossing freshwater eel" as the observer has only seen complete eels being tossed in this way (on multiple occasions) with no evidence that the eel(s) was or were eaten.

Publicado por danimations hace más de 5 años

Thank you @danimations. That's a valid point. I won't update the above table because it takes a lttle while, but have updated the master document. :)

Publicado por markmcg hace más de 5 años

Good stuff, and thanks for attributing Jenni Wrysta as the actual photographer/observer too... I reported it on her behalf.

Publicado por danimations hace más de 5 años

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