Good Water Nature Trackers

Good Water Nature Tackers is a project in our Goodwater Chapter of Master Naturalists.
We have game cameras on loan from Texas Parks and Wildlife to help observe Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Williamson County. My posts will be related to a site outside Florence Tx.
Related posts can be found posted by mikef451 . At this time we are going out as a team with myself and Tlo .

September 15,2019

Bob Waring and I recently set up and started monitoring game cameras from TPWD at a Site in Florence, Texas. Here's a little feedback as well as some pix from our recent foray.

First, if you haven't been to the site, you should know that it is home to a herd of cattle. The cows are a bit perplexed by our presence and also seem interested in what we're doing. Because of the cows, and what cows do, we do spend most of our time looking down while walking the site and if we want to scan for a perfect area to place a camera, we stop, scan and then look down and walk.

On our first excursion, we posted two cameras along the creek and one in a small field. We went back three days later to: 1) download data and 2) ensure the site was appropriate to continue monitoring in that location.

Our unsuccessful attempt with the camera in the field only gave us close ups of a cow's side. Our first stream camera gave us some cool pix, albeit, not all mammals, but for Texas Master Naturalists we were thrilled with what we saw: a Blue Heron walking in the creek, a rafter of wild turkeys (quite large), a deer (of course) and an armadillo. Our second stream camera wasn't quite as great, but we did capture a raccoon, so we left it there thinking more time might yield more results. We relocated the third camera to a pond and, hopefully, will have more luck next week!

Trish Lopacki & Bob Waring

September 12, 2019

This morning we posted three cameras at a new site. One of our biggest issues at this site is the free-roaming cattle. This creates two issues when you're trying to place cameras to track wildlife: 1) avoiding cow patties while tromping through the woods (and I mean ENORMOUS cow patties) and 2) placing the cameras in an area where the cattle do not roam (basically, look for places where there are no cow patties; no poop, stick a camera to a tree).

Because this is our first placement, we will go back in three days to see: 1) have we captured anything and 2) is the camera positioned right (too high, too low, etc.). We'll either re-position and move on or leave them in place for the next week's view.

We will post pictures when we get them.

Bob Waring & Trish Lopacki

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