a day with common pochard (Nam Sang Wai 30-1-2020)

Nam Sang Wai was located at Yuen Long, a beautiful wetland in Hong Kong. Common pochard is an endangered bird. Every winter, pochard come to Nam Sang Wai. It is easy to observe with tufted duck outside the river. I could also saw black faced spoonbill, an endangered bird. pochard like diving. Some photoghaphers take pictures with us. There are 5 spices of duck in NSW. Pochard is the most rare and beautiful one. Hope NSW can be well maintenance and we can see pochard every year!

Publicado por flycatcherwarblerthrush flycatcherwarblerthrush, 05 de febrero de 2020


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Avefría Ceniza Vanellus cinereus


Enero 11, 2020 03:49 PM HST

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Zambullidor Europeo Aythya ferina


Enero 29, 2020 12:24 PM HST


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