Thank you so much!

A big thank you to everyone who went out and made observations these past 4 days. That was a whole lot of fun. The weather was less than ideal but that didn't stop you. We currently sit at 6th place in observations, 13th in species and 11th in observers. And I'll be watching that closely as more people upload observations over the next few days. If you know anyone who loves taking pictures of wildlife and was out taking pictures these past 4 days, I would urge you to consider asking them to add their photos to iNaturalist so that we can get our observer numbers up as well as have them be a part of the iNaturalist network.

Once again, I want to thank our amazing partner organizations for spreading the word and helping us organize this wonderful effort. I want to thank all the participants who went out there and took pictures and audio recordings. Despite the social isolation it has been fun getting to know every one of you through your observations. I'm truly happy and proud to be a part of this wonderful Philly naturalist community.

Also, I want to give a special shout-out to @srall for joining the Philadelphia effort this year. Sara had the second most observations and the most species for NYC last year, and she currently is top of our table with nearly 1400 observations. Thank you so much, Sara. I also want to thank @conboy for crossing the 1000 observation barrier and for topping our species count. Thank you, Andrew! And rounding out the top 10, big thanks to @josephthebirder, @brittany101, @robizzy, @mycofreak, @that_hippie_chick, @jfries7448, @danefroymson, and @javiehweg. Thank you!

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My pleasure I was so excited to be able to participate, and Bucks County was beautiful.

Publicado por srall hace alrededor de 4 años

I'm glad to hear that, Sara. Thanks again!

Publicado por navin_sasikumar hace alrededor de 4 años

Aye, this was very fun! Found out my phone is water resistant so going out in the rain was an interesting experience.

Publicado por josephthebirder hace alrededor de 4 años

Thank you for help in organizing and motivating (the target list was great, too)! I had a ton of fun and learned a whole lot. Congrats to everyone and good work, Philly! 👍😁

Publicado por conboy hace alrededor de 4 años

I also really liked the target list. It would be interesting to see a list of things found in this bioblitz and NOT seen in the Philly area before (I know I have at least one) but I don't know if that would be hard to do.

Publicado por srall hace alrededor de 4 años

It was a pleasure to participate in this group effort. Here's a big thank you to the organizers and participants!

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I'm so glad you all had fun, despite the COVID-19 situation.

@srall I might be able to whip something up similar to the targets list to find species new to the area. I still have a bunch more photos to go through, so I might not get to that for a week or so though.

Publicado por navin_sasikumar hace alrededor de 4 años

No pressure; I just like playing around with data and would do it myself if I could figure out how. The blitz was so much fun; I'm really glad you reached out to me; i'd have assumed all of "Philly" was too far away to attempt otherwise.

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@srall Here is a list of all new species found in the Philly area during the CNC.

No limits on quality grade (either Research Grade or Needs ID):

Only Research Grade observations during the CNC:

I'll share it in a new project-wide post later, but it's something to look at in the meantime.

Also, if you like playing around with data, this might interest you: It's not to compare species lists like above, but rather to look at observations like you do in the Explore page. It exposes a few more parameters that you normally would have to type in the query string as mentioned in this forum wiki: For example, you can search for multiple species at once, and exclude species too. I have more info on using it here:

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Oh, this is awesome, thank you for putting it together!

Publicado por srall hace alrededor de 4 años

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