Anna's here!

We're excited to announce, introduce and boast about Anna, Anna Smith to be more precise, our new TerraCorp Service Member.

Anna's a roll-up-her-sleeves, put on the wetsuit, full immersion kind of person, perfect for our plans for Center Hill.

Watch as she climbs up the leader board of iNaturalist observations, specifically contributing to our catalogue of species found within the 'Natural Communities within the Center Hill Preserve' (a project of ours) and - at the same time - helps us keep our Center Hill HQ open Monday through Friday.

We're finally putting a little distance (while keeping the social distance protocols intact) between Covid and our hopes for the Center - starting up our Cooter Headstart program, initiating several family-friendly citizen science projects and working on our main mission of preserving, protecting, and hopefully expanding the second largest coastal pine barrens ecoregion in the world - the Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens.

Anna will do all of that during her tenure at Center Hill with SEMPBA (don't laugh!) and more. Or at least she'll be a big part of the effort to move in that direction.

Sometimes its seems we are moving at a snail's pace but, when the year is over and we look back, we're usually pleasantly surprised at what we have accomplished.

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