7. Kenmerken(Annotaties) toevoegen aan Waarnemingen dmv Identity

Als je toch iets nuttigs wilt doen en niet te veel wilt nadenken kun je Kenmerken als "in knop", "bloeiend", geslacht, larve, imago toevoegen aan fotos .

If enough observations of a taxon are annotated, we can start to get some cool data on them, eg for Monarchs 11 (although look at how many still need a life stage annotation!):

On the Identify page, here are the basic settings I’ll use choose for life stage annotations:

The URL for this is: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?quality_grade=needs_id%2Cresearch&order_by=random&without_term_id=1&captive=false 35

This should show me all Needs ID and RG observations lacking a life stage annotation, sorted randomly.

I’ll choose a taxon compatible with life stage, for example Lepidoptera.

Then, when I click on the first observation, I’ll make sure to go to the Annotations tab. There is a handy list of keyboard commands on the bottom left-hand corner.

It’s pretty easy to rapidly go through the observations and tell which ones are of eggs, larvae, pupae, or adults and add annotations for those.
Things to remember:

If you are unsure, it’s better to not add the annotation, feel free to move on to the next observation.

Don’t go too quickly, sometimes you’ll add the wrong annotation! Be sure to correct any errors you make

Some taxa can be tricky. For example, there are larviform female 5 adult beetles and other insects, which are difficult to distinguish from adults. Again, if you’re unsure, don’t add an annotation.

That’s about it!



  1. Kenmerken(Annotaties) toevoegen aan Waarnemingen dmv Identity

I've tried to review my own observations, but failed untill I set "Reviewed" to "Any". May be it will be helpfull for someone.



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