6th Annual Anacostia Bioblitz - calling all observers!

At the midnight hour, it is Bioblitz time!

Starting at midnight Thursday October 20th through Sunday October 23rd, the Anacostia Watershed Society is sponsoring the 6th annual fall Bioblitz. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy some fine fall weather and see what is out and about in nature this time of year.

All observations made in the Anacostia watershed will be included in the Bioblitz project. This is an activity that can be done at your own pace, or you can join one of the events planned for the weekend. Saturday will feature an entire series of guided tours and nature exploration activities at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens from 10am to 3pm. Sunday from 1pm to 3pm will be an exploration of Guilford Woods.

Everyone is welcome to join in!

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