CNC 2023 contributing to Threatened, Protected and Invasive Species

While we understand that a proportion of observations are not of good photo quality to ascertain identification to species level, with time those keen on surveys can only improve their photography skills. We encourage our identifiers to share tips and tricks for their respective taxon groups as well as produce videos and crib notes that we share via our YouTube channel.

Our participation in CNC annually brings much fun being in nature, while feeding foundational biodiversity data to our national datasets, especially that of endemic, threatened, and protected species.
More importantly, CNC data is being analyzed by local government agencies responsible for managing and reporting on biodiversity at the municipal scale.

The South African Red List Plants and Animals Project produced 551 Threatened species
497 Plant species
34 Bird species
17 Mammal species
5 Reptile species
4 Amphibian species
4 Ray finned fish species

Note that these are records as per the South African Red List Plants and Animals Project which does not have all taxonomic groups listed.

The Arachnid expert has kindly shared the list of Protected Species recorded ID'd thus far:
Baboon spiders genera (Harpactira, Ceratogyrus, Pterinochilus, and some others)
Some scorpion genera (Opistophthalmus and Opisthacanthus)
See images here

The NEMBA Alien Species South Africa Project produced 245 Invasive species
223 Invasive Plant species
7 Invasive Bird species
5 Invasive Fish species
4 Invasive Insect species
2 Invasive Mammal species
2 Invasive Mollusk species

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