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Tomorrow is the National Park Service Centennial BioBlitz and I get to lead a plant inventory team to survey the plant community in the riparian zone in light of the severe floods that followed the Las Conchas fire in 2011. Hence, a flurry of activity from me on iNaturalist, just trying to see what I can and can't do with observations. As administrator of this project--which I will start to push it with the Pajarito Environmental Education Center once the Bandelier event is over--I get to add other observers' observations to the project. Maybe anyone can do that. I can upload "real" photos from my camera and include them in the observation. I can follow other observers--that might be informative about other spots in New Mexico. Basically, I could spend a lot of time here. I'd rather be outside, where for me every day is a BioBlitz. But I like the idea of contributing data, sharing observations, helping other to find cool plants (there's a limit to that: I generalize the location ...más ↓

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Let's collaborate on a flowering plant list for Los Alamos County in 2016. Although we normally keep track of this informally, iNaturalist will allow for all observers to post their observations. This is part of the Pajarito Environmental Education Center's long-term bloom record that tracks trends in plant species with respect to rainfall patterns and overall climate trends.

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