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Results of April 16 Bird BioBlitz

Four volunteers (Paul Chavez, Karyn O'Hearn, Chana Tollefson, and Reed Tollefson) and four National Park Service staff (Ruben Andrade, Danny Boiano, Tony Caprio, and Linda Mutch) participated in this bird BioBlitz, documenting 43 bird species for the monument, along with 2 reptiles (as we couldn't resist getting a start on the reptile list!). For a small place, Cesar E. Chavez National Monument has a nice variety of habitats, including a small stream with riparian vegetation, ponds, oak woodlands, and gardens near the visitor center. This effort provides the start of a bird list for the monument, which can be shared with visitors who want to explore the site's natural resources. A big thank you to Sylvia Haultain of the Sierra Nevada Network, who had the great idea to do this bird survey as part of the NPS BioBlitz effort.

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This BioBlitz is part of a larger effort coordinated by the National Park Service (NPS) to celebrate the NPS Centennial. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the biodiversity of a park and contribute to our greater understanding of the biodiversity of the nation. In addition to obtaining valuable species information from targeted inventories with scientists, this is a ...más ↓

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