Evolution of the Insects - David Grimaldi - Michael S. Engel

Insects are the most diverse group of organisms to appear in the 3-billion-year history of lifeon Earth, and the most ecologically dominant animals on land. This book chronicles, for thefirst time, the complete evolutionary history of insects: their living diversity, relationships,and 400 million years of fossils. Whereas other volumes have focused on either living speciesorfossils, this is the first comprehensive synthesis of allaspects of insect evolution. Currentestimates of phylogeny are used to interpret the 400-million-year fossil record of insects,their extinctions, and radiations. Introductory sections include the living species, diversityof insects, methods of reconstructing evolutionary relationships, basic insect structure, andthe diverse modes of insect fossilization and major fossil deposits. Major sections cover therelationships and evolution of each order of hexapod. The book also chronicles majorepisodes in the evolutionary history of insects: their modest beginnings in the Devonian,the origin of wings hundreds of millions of years before pterosaurs and birds, the impactthat mass extinctions and the explosive radiation of angiosperms had on insects, and howinsects evolved the most complex societies in nature.Evolution of the Insectsis beautifully illustrated with more than 900 photo- and electronmicrographs, drawings, diagrams, and field photographs, many in full color and virtually alloriginal. The book will appeal to anyone engaged with insect diversity: professional ento-mologists and students, insect and fossil collectors, and naturalists.

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