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Learning to identify fungi will help us know more about our rich biodiversity and how they work together in our bushlands. We encourage people to use this project to keep track of your observations and for some people their collections. This tool will keep all the geographic and identification data in one place. Please also take good images with larger cameras for publication.

So take some pics with your phone share with us the fungi you see from the Australian Tropics and Subtropics (south of 35 Degrees latitude, so please no records south of about Wollongong at 34.25 Degrees).

Long term we will produce fungi identification materials like pocket guides - Fungi and Mushrooms of the Sunshine Coast and Australian Tropical Mushrooms and other Fungi.

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Fungi are important workers in ecosystems as recyclers, symbionts of plants, and much more. We want to build the capacity of the local community through sharing our skills and knowledge, and working together, we can significantly increase the knowledge and understanding of the fungi, particularly the macrofungi.

Learning to identify fungi will help us know more about our rich ...más ↓

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