Let's Get Started!!

We're ready to get started looking for Western Washington native plants. Here's our list of the plants to look out for in your quest to win Bleeding Heart:

Columbian Monkshood
Orange Agoseris
Drummond's Anemone
White Pasqueflower
Oregon Anemone
Western Columbine
Broadleaf Arnica
Arrowleaf Balsamroot
American Bistort
large-flowered Triteleia
Lyall's Mariposa Lily
Elkslip Marsh-marigold
Small Camas
Olympic Bellflower
Western Bell-heather
Coast Indian paintbrush
Golden Indian paintbrush
Giant Red Paintbrush
Olympic Indian paintbrush
Cliff Indian-paintbrush
Edible Thistle
Lanceleaf spring beauty
Alpine springbeauty
Blue Clematis
Small-flowered Blue-eyed mary
Alpine Collomia
Mountain Lady's-slipper
Yellow Lady's slipper
Shrubby Cinquefoil
Rockslide Larkspur
Pacific Bleeding Heart
Cliff ...más ↓

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Washington, The Evergreen State, is often highlighted for its tall green trees that create miles of thick forest. But within those trees, under the cover of leaves and pines, jewels full of color take shape in flowers and berries. The native plants on the Washington coast, particularly the flowering ones, are a beautiful sight to behold. In the early spring, dozens of flowers cover the ...más ↓

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