Cacti of Ontario

Ontario has 2 native species of cacti have have been observed since the late 1800s:

Both Opuntia cespitosa (formerly humifusa) and Opuntia fragilis.

Elements of Opuntia cymochila Engelm & Big. have been observed as introduced into a southern Ontario locality as early as the 1940's as per comm. Allan Woodliffe & Michael J. Oldham. Determinations were made by both Lucas Majure and myself, Derek Stephen Hollingshead, regarding Anthony Reznicek's herbarium submissions; made to MICH in the 1980s. Both corresponding samples appear as O. cymochila Engelm. and Big. not O. humifusa Raf.

Elements of an introduced species displaying spinal characteristics consistent with O. macrohiza have been observed as early as 2009. Although similar occurrences are likely byproducts of human introduction and Ontario's commercial horticulture industry, I propose the use of the taxonomy O. macrorhiza Engelm. & Big (Oldham) to describe them. After retire provincial botanist Michael J Oldham, first to collect and submit herbarium samples of a specimen.

Lastly, in 2018 a population of O. polyacantha was discovered in eastern Ontario. The origins of this population have yet to be formally determined. The presence of this species is notable for being over 1800km removed from its next closest element. Multiple colonies have been observed in 2 distinct sub populations. Both populations reproduce by means of pad detachment and seed dispersals.

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