Cape Town School Nature Challenge

What biodiversity occurs in and around our schools?

Plants and animals enhance our living experience by providing green lungs, pleasing vistas, shade and landscaping, and variety in our environments, and even food and shelter. Our school gardens colour and shape our interaction with nature and one another, providing environments for shelter, privacy, games and relaxation. And merely appreciating forms, colours, contrasts and seasonal beauty.

How well does your school shape up? What plants grow in and around the grounds? What animals visit and feed, disperse, pollinate and live in the environs? Does your school focus on shade, fields, food or useful plants? Is it an oasis or an extension of the urban open space? Is it water-wise, bird- or insect-friendly, or utilitarian? Do you have a special section for biodiversity, or a wetland, or an insect hotel, or nest boxes, or bee hives?

This is your chance to document your school environs. The ...más ↓

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This is the City Nature Challenge for Schools in the City of Cape Town.

Your chance to put your schools gardens and fields onto the city map. Share your biodiversity with us and highlight your special features.

Entering is easy. No special registration or forms.
Simply load the app onto your phone and join up.
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