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10 de julio de 2024

Stewardship Opportunity at The Grail...

A long-time lurker named Robin Green recently began following our umbrella. I met Robin through a local native plant club that she helps lead and that we both participate in. She's more than the leader of a local plant club. She's also aligned herself with The Grail, a Loveland based organization that has a fascinating history and has recently set its sights on an ambitious greenhouse project that will transform the 70 acre headquarters site while also supplying native plants to local community projects and residential areas...

Volunteering to remove invasives at The Grail will help make space for native plants propagated in the new green house. You can sign up at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf4-VAGaDLQqtflDpY6-qA87RtJONE9Sz01zHvgVpLGKfg6FA/viewform, or reach out to volunteer@grail-us.org for more info.

image credit - @lovetheland

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05 de junio de 2024

NKU Refs Talk & Walks...

NKU Refs just announced several Talk & Walks for summer of 2024. I've been happy to rebroadcast some of their walks in the past. They appear to be increasing in frequency so it probably makes sense to invite anyone interested to follow their project, rather than continuing to mirror their invitations here. If you'd like to join and follow, here's the link...

There's a decent chance others from the umbrella will be at some of these. I'm still working on an elaborate call or hand signal to alert ourselves to each other since we haven't all met. :o)

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13 de mayo de 2024

Property in Transition

A new project, "Property in Transition", was just added to the umbrella. The project's goal was to "increase the number of native plants that would provide food and shelter for birds and wildlife." There is an extensive list of species encouraged and species observed in the project "about".

This might be my favorite project. Not because the manager of this project has relocated away from the Cincinnati area. But because they continue following along, watching over us. The former owner, knowing the location of this project, will be able to see if any future owners begin making iNat observations on this property. At this point, it would be possible to alert the new owner to this project and allow new observations to be added alongside the older ones.

The restoration could then continue on in a continuum from owner to owner.

With a large enough community of restorationists it may even be possible to direct properties like this into the hands of future owners more likely to continue on managing properties with the same spirit as the people who started each project. Often, progress toward ecological restoration is lost when partially restored private areas change hands.

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18 de abril de 2024

Pre Earth Day Hike Opportunity...

I just received a message from @m_whitson alerting me to some pre-Earth Day hikes at St. Anne Natural Areas Woods and Wetlands. Several of you who attended last year remember it as an opportunity to see a lovingly protected wetland where local students and others have an opportunity to learn.

Here's a link to the details...

Last year it was positively loaded with geranium and jacob's ladder. Some other critters made an appearance too!

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06 de marzo de 2024

Attention Followers and Lurkers

If you are supportive of the overall mission of Cincinnati Re-Wild but are reluctant to participate too publicly, this message is for you! The best way you can support us is to filter based on this umbrella project on the "identification" page and contribute to the umbrella by id'ing species for the group.


Each project in this umbrella has dedicated significant portions of their yards to some form of re-wilding / restoration. This can be a lonely existence. Having someone with more knowledge than me identify organisms existing in my backyard can feel like bringing an expert home from the nearest preserve and having them look over my shoulder as I conduct my restoration. I no longer have to show up at the nearest nature center and tug at someone's sleeve to tell them about my backyard. They can "opt in" if they like, by filtering potential identifications for this umbrella thereby confirming the identities of organisms at my place and others like it.

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10 de enero de 2024

Insect Species Counts...

The Big Thicket Umbrella down in Houston is outperforming us in terms of insect species count. Not that it should be a competition. The only thing better than us saving the world is kicking back and watching some Texans do it! @lappelbaum

Cincinnati Re-Wild Insect Species Count...

Big Thicket (Houston area) Insect Species Count...

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22 de diciembre de 2023

A Bit of Backyard Biodiversity

"A Bit Of Backyard Biodiversity" has been added to the umbrella.  Kayla, the project's owner, describes the project as follows...

This project is my "yard list" of organisms seen at my (and my parents') house in a suburban neighborhood near Cincinnati, Ohio. My mom has created a lovely pollinator garden in the backyard that attracts bees, butterflies, and tons of other bugs. I've been pretty amazed at what wildlife shows up to our little patch of habitat, and I hope my record of it inspires others to similarly adapt their yards to benefit nature.

This project manager has landed in our area "after living in Utah for 10 years" and maintaining a yard project there. She describes herself as "primarily a birder", who will "photograph and upload pretty much anything that looks interesting".  Many of the images in her collection are crystal clear, command attention, and are adorned by concise field notes that complete the story. Like several of us, she has a growing interest in macro photography and we'll look forward to even more images with intricate detail easily revealing the identity of the organisms that sit for her.

Also be sure to check out the ongoing parade of insects nectaring at the Mexican Sunflower featured prominently as this project's icon and in the photo to the right...

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12 de diciembre de 2023

Fluid Anonymity

We all feel different levels of vulnerability depending on the seasons of our lives and our own personal circumstances. When my kids were young and I first started leaving them home alone for short periods of time, I felt more vulnerable than I do now. Consequently, I had my at-home observations obscured. Later, when I wanted to convince online strangers to join my umbrella, I revealed more about myself and my project.

But what if I had regrets? Second thoughts about having revealed myself? What if, after revealing myself, I wanted to return to anonymity? Somehow, I'd have to undo all the "open" observations I've made at home. In my case this would be easy. I already have a "place" for my home project. I can search for all of my "open" observations in that "place" and set them all to "obscured" via batch edit (and then subsequently delete the "place"). But what if I had added them all to a traditional project without an associated "place"? In that case, It would require an additional step but it's still pretty easy.

On the "Explore" page, I can key in my street name and adjust the size of the search area to include observations from my lot and the surrounding neighborhood.

Once the box is re-sized to include all the observations I'd like to include, I can cut and paste the coordinates of the search box from the URL for use on the "Search" for batch edit. Here is the URL for the re-sized search area in the picture above...

The URL includes...
nelat (Northeast Latitude): 39.06549813937679
nelng (Northeast Longitude): -84.34833807526574
swlat (Southwest Latitude): 39.063041720189155
swlng (Southwest Longitude): -84.35116478188147

If you click "Edit Observations" followed by "Search", the following drop-down is revealed. The four coordinates can be pasted into the appropriate text boxes circled below.

If you then select "Open" from the Geoprivacy drop-down.

Click the "Search" button at the bottom of the "Search" tab. Any observations that remain "open" within this specific search area are revealed. If you only have a couple observations, you can edit them individually. If you have a great many observations, the "Batch Edit" functionality allows you to select ALL of them at once and move them all to "obscured". This functionality allows for fluid anonymity... setting all our at-home observations to and from obscured and open as we each navigate the changing seasons of our lives. I wouldn't advise changing back and forth all the time just for fun. It's probably somewhat "expensive" (from a data processing perspective on the server side) to provide this functionality.

The point is... I don't want to feel like this umbrella is inadvertently encouraging people to reveal more than they are comfortable revealing. I don't think this is the case. But if you find yourself waking up in the night and worrying about someone sneaking onto your lot and digging up your Asarum, just change your at-home opens to at-home obscureds. And if you have trouble doing this... just drop me a line. ~ @stockslager

*** I might start aging journal posts after a period of time for a similar reason. I sometimes quote from the information people provide in their profiles when introducing new projects. When people change their profile descriptions, there is the possibility of their old verbiage still existing in my old journal posts. If I age them, they won't feel trapped in what might be an out-of-date profile description.

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18 de noviembre de 2023

Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

The first step in the Systems Development Life Cycle is the gathering of requirements. This can be difficult at large organizations like this umbrella. It involves identifying subject matter experts who can clearly state what data they would like extracted from the database and modeled in a way that's easy to read. It's also difficult because it's important to manage expectations. In our case, we are prepared to offer our developer zero dollars. This means that our requirements should be fairly simple. Example...

Observations of wild and naturally occurring species within the umbrella with fewer than 250 total observations.

We also need to make sure that we collaborate carefully. This means polling the group of subject matter experts to see if there are other queries that might be more meaningful. What other queries would people find interesting? Since we are only prepared to pay our developer zero dollars, we should probably limit ourselves to retrieval of data stored by the member projects within our own umbrella. This will make things easier for the developer because it limits the number of records they'll need to manipulate.

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Fewer Than 250 Observations...

Observations of species within the umbrella with fewer than 250 total observations. Please go and look at my github repo. It's utterly embarrassing. I don't even know how to delete from github. But... I tried. And it DOES show how planting natives attracts species not often observed. I hacked someone else's code. I was afraid to try to make it pause and hit the server over and over so you have to page through 4 pages that are unequal lengths. Not exactly elegant, but whatever...


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