City Nature Challenge: next steps, results announced May 6!

Thanks for an incredible four days of observing our local nature! A HUGE thank you to all the Bay Area organizations that held events, all of you who got out there and made observations, and everyone who has helped go through and identify those observations already! Including the cities that didn't use iNaturalist, all together we've uploaded over 800,000 observations of more than 27,000 species! Plus 32,000+ people participated, which is absolutely amazing.

So what's next? Well, we're done taking pictures, but there are still quite a few things that can be done before the challenge is officially over:

Uploading: If you have a backlog of photos that they haven't uploaded yet, you can keep uploading their observations through Sunday, May 5. Of course, these observations must have been taken during the observing window of April 26 - 29 and made within the nine Bay Area counties to count - but as long as they meet those two requirements, they will be added to our project.

Identifying: The main reason we have a week between the ending of making observations and announcing the results is so that people have time to identify observations! You can learn more about best practices of making observations here:

If you want some help learning how to ID on iNaturalist (anyone can be an identifier, just like anyone can be an observer!), or you just want to hang out with a bunch of other people also making IDs, come to our ID Party tomorrow night at Standard Deviant!

If you're not going to have a chance to join us for the ID party, you can still help with IDs! You can see which SF Bay Area City Nature Challenge observations still need IDs here:

Once you're on the identify page, you can filter for particular taxa (using the "species" box or using the taxon buttons in the filters) if you'd like (e.g., birds, plants, fungus, lizards). You can also click the "unknown" button in the filters: Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 12.04.49 PM to see all the observations that were uploaded with no ID at all. For these unknowns, if you don't know the species it's still useful to add a coarse ID like "plants" or "grasses" or "reptiles" so that the people who know these taxa can find these observations more easily to identify them.

A big part of identifying is also helping us mark observations of organisms that are clearly captive or cultivated as such. If you see a human-planted plant or an animal that's in a zoo or aquarium or is a pet, PLEASE mark these observations Captive / Cultivated (if you're in the identify page):
Screen Shot 2019-04-30 2

or click the thumbs down for "Organism is wild" in the Data Quality Assessment section if you're on the observation page:
Screen Shot 2019-04-30 3

Also: if you see an observation where you think the photograph is inappropriate or not taken by the observer (e.g., they found the photo somewhere on the internet), please read what to do here:

Results: Whatever our numbers are as of 9am on Monday, May 6 will be our results! We'll post here in the news once we have results compiled and ready to present - this will most likely be around 3pm Pacific Time on Monday May 6.

Thanks, and happy uploading and identifying!

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