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As we're heading into the home stretch of the City Nature Challenge, we (Alison Young @kestrel, and Lila Higgins @lhiggins - the two lead organizers of the CNC) want to give huge THANK YOU to all of you taking part! Thank you to all of the local organizers of the CNC who got the word out, held events, and worked hard to make the CNC happen in their cities. Thank you to all of you who are out there documenting your local nature - in all types of weather! - to help your city in the CNC and to take part in this international event. Thank you to all of you working on identifying all the observations coming in for the CNC - we know it's a literal flood of observations and we appreciate everyone taking the time to help get correct IDs on them. And of course a big thank you to the iNaturalist team for keeping iNat up and running as we more than double their usual activity!

And remember that you can see the full leaderboard on the City Nature Challenge website, since not all cities are using iNaturalist as their platform.

So what's next? Well, keep making observations - you have until 11:59pm your time on Monday April 29 to take your photos! After that, we have about a week to get all observations uploaded, and most importantly - identified! You can click here to see all the observations made for the CNC that still need identification help - use the filters on that page to look at specific groups of organisms (e.g., plants, birds, reptiles, fungi, etc.) and to look at observations from particular locations (e.g., New York City, Hong Kong, Texas, United Kingdom, etc.)

Whatever your city's stats are as of 9:00am your local time on Monday May 6 will be considered the final stats for your city. We'll compile all the results and will announce them in the afternoon (Pacific time) on Monday, May 6. We'll be looking at the results in many different ways - not just total numbers - so check back here to see the full results breakdown!

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Love that usage chart!

You three women have done an immense favor for science and for naturalists the world over. THANK YOU!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace alrededor de 5 años

Thank you Lila and Alison! We've had a blast here in Albuquerque and are already excited about next year!

Publicado por selenac hace alrededor de 5 años

I wish I could have participated more this year, but that leaves more room for improvement next year! Thank you for all your effort in organizing this event, contributing to science, and doing more than your part in making this world a better place. Massive kudos to you. At some point I would love to join the team and help you both with the logistics of this event. Looks like it's really snowballing into something huge and complex.

Publicado por naturenate hace alrededor de 5 años

Thank you so much Alison and Lila for all of your efforts this and every year to make the city nature challenge worth getting covered in ticks and foxtails! :)

Publicado por ocean_beach_goth hace alrededor de 5 años

To give a sense of perspective about just how much the CNC is mushrooming (fungi including lichen), consider this: it took iNaturalist from its inception until late July of 2014 to reach 750,000 observations. All of us just did that in a long weekend. That's ASTOUNDING! @finatic @dpom

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace alrededor de 5 años

I had a great time participating in the City Nature Challenge. I really want to thank @kestrel, and @lhiggins for creating the Naturalist Olympics!

Publicado por finatic hace alrededor de 5 años

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