City Nature Challenge 2021: Boise Area Announcements

Thank you for joining the City Nature Challenge 2021: Boise Area! This is the first year that Boise will have the opportunity to join the Challenge and we couldn't be more excited! Please help us spread the word about this event to your friends and family. You never know what wonders you will discover!

If you are a new iNaturalist user or would like a refresher on some of the features of the app, we will be hosting two Zoom Webinars to help prepare volunteers for participating in the Challenge. The first session will focus on how to use iNaturalist and introduce participants to the City Nature Challenge. The second session will walk participants through how to add identifications to observations uploaded by the community. The Zoom links to register are below. Both webinars will be recorded.

April 7th 6:00 – 7:00 pm Intro to iNaturalist and the City Nature Challenge:

April 14th 6:00 – 7:00 pm Intro to the City Nature Challenge and to Adding Identifications in iNaturalist

Do you plan on making observations in a city park? Boise Parks and Recreation would love to know. We are interested in collecting data from each of our nearly 100 parks across the city. Register to collect data in your favorite park at


What will you discover?

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