25 days and a twofer: Rosser 14PA13 and Grosse Isle 14PA14

Rosser 14PA13 is shared between Headingley and the RM of Rosser. The land is generally flat divided by the mile grid roads and adjacent drainage ditches. Most of the land is used for agriculture. Sturgeon Creek flows into the city from this area augmented by several constructed drains.

At the time of posting, 2 observations had been uploaded by 2 observers. The Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas mentions that 18 species of birds were confirmed breeding in this square, including ducks and geese, several shorebirds, hawks and various warblers and blackbirds. Here's the full list. Lots of room to fill in the blanks here.

The Canadian toad is a species that has a range map added to its iNaturalist species account. Click on the 'Map' tab if your don;t see it right away. Range maps can help by letting you know if this organism is expected to occur where you saw it. INaturalist data has been helpful in better establishing the expected ranges of many species around the world.

Grosse Isle 14PA14 is shared between RM of Rosser and the RM of Rockwood. Like our preceding square, the land is generally flat divided by the mile grid roads and adjacent drainage ditches and used for agriculture. There is a few patches of forest. The Prime Meridian trail begins from the the town of Grosse Isle following the old railbed north towards Fisher Branch. A small prairie remnant is preserved in the town just north of the old train station.

At the time of posting, 136 observations had been uploaded by 6 observers. 89 species have been identified - dominated by plants (68). The most frequently observed species here are Big Bluestem and Prairie onion- each with 4 observations. Only two species of birds have been observed to date. The Mantoba Breeding Bird Atlas confirmed that 56 species can be found breeding in this area with another 52 species possible or probable. Here's the full list.

Happy observing!

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