Time to start finalizing Events

Less than 30 days to go. Time to start finalizing events for the City Nature Challenge.
If you want your events posted on the iNaturalist Facebook Events page (and shared with any pages you might have, now is the time to start finalizing them.

Please add your project here:
If your city has its own spreadsheet, or if you have already posted a Facebook event, please just mark it up here as well, so that we are aware of them. .

While at it, now is the time to get everyone to join your city's project (or more than one if they want to take part in several cities - it is holidays after all), and also to please join this project.
You join on the top right hand corner (yes, you know, but you need to tell the others).
By now you should be in the 20-50 participants signed up zone, and by Easter you need to be in the 100s. After all, your project is the best way to communicate with your serious participants (Facebook is pure advertizing!).
And Everyone must also please join the umbrella at

Hope all your plans are underway.
Please dont forget to get societies and clubs involved as well. Contact, Scouts, Gird Guides, your local Mountain Club, and hiking societies.

Tell us your themes below.

There is a request to please consider a Polyphagous Shothole Borer Beetle Survey - how bad is it in your area?

So a Quest:
Survey these species: Oaks, Poplars, Camphors, Planes, Liquidambers, Elders, Elms - yes they are planted, but we will count them: they are part of our urban forest after all. Whether they are clean or infested, please promote this project:

A map of infested and clear areas will be most useful. And will help in planning to deal with this problem, whether it is to start planting resistant trees, or to start removing trees that promote the spread (the so called "amplifier" species).

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Top cities for people joining the projects (Umbrella is 50):

53 Ethekwini
47 Garden Route
19 Cape Town
18 Overstrand, Overberg

10: Tswane,
9-6: Zululand, Thohoyandou, Pietermaritzburg, Nelspruit, Nelson Mandela Bay, Joburg,
5: Ilembe, Maputo,
4-1: Weskus, Waterberg, Pondoland, Northern Botswana, Nairobi, Musane, Mbabane, Makgeng, Lubombo, Kimberley, Kigale, KZN South Coast, Gaborone & SE, Buffalo City, Botswana South, Botswana Central, Bloemfontein

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