What makes the coal loader so special?

Rapid urbanisation is a leading cause of habitat loss, worldwide. Green infrastructure, the integration of artificial and natural landscapes, provides both public amenity and opportunities for habitat creation. Green roofs are a particular type of green infrastructure which makes use of wasted space on top of buildings and carparks, areas previously thought to be of no real economic value!

Using the living lab concept, researchers at Macquarie University have partnered together with local stakeholders and industry to transform the coal loader site into a green roof with high social capital and added environmental benefits. It will be an opportunity for increasing urban harvest, as well as a showcase of energy efficient site management and various habitat creation techniques.

The coal loader is unique among developments of this kind for its position relative to existing areas of high biodiversity value and public amenity. Due to activities managed by the Coal Loader ...más ↓

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The redevelopment of the Coal Loader Platform into a living lab represents an opportunity to increase habitat for a range of scarce and threatened fauna species, including several migratory birds. This page is dedicated to tracking how many and what kind of animals use the site, both before and after the green roof has been built.

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