Turtle Season is in Full Swing!

Thank you to all of the Connecticut Turtle Atlas participants. I have decided to start this journal to better connect with the participants and plan to post at least monthly. The project is about to hit 200 observations and will probably do so this weekend. Your participation in this citizen science initiative brings welcome and needed data on the distribution of Connecticut's turtle species. To date you have observed eight species of the 12 native turtles in Connecticut. In addition, you have recorded numerous sightings of the exotic red-eared slider.

Last fall I shared the Atlas data with two researchers who were updating a book on the conservation and distribution of Connecticut's reptiles and amphibians. The data on wood, spotted, and box turtles were particularly welcomed as these are the turtles of greatest conservation need in the State.

I have noticed that a number of turtle observations by some of you have not yet been added to the project. I know ...más ↓

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With this Bruce Museum Citizen Science initiative, Connecticut Turtle Atlas invites the public to assist in conserving the State’s rich turtle diversity.

Turtles are currently the most endangered vertebrate animal group, with more than 51% of the world’s species threatened with extinction. Twelve species are native to Connecticut; some, such as the wood, bog, spotted, and box ...más ↓

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